Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Master of Science

Graduate studies in apparel, merchandising, and design extends knowledge and research beyond the basics to take a close look at industry-wide issues, such as outsourcing, sustainability, and customer buying behavior. Students in this program are afforded many opportunities to present and publish their research alongside world-renown faculty members.


Visit the ISU Graduate College site for application requirements.

Curriculum requirements

Refer to the AESHM Student Handbook (doc) for curriculum requirements. Go to the heading “Program for Master of Science (MS) Degree in Apparel, Merchandising, and Design.” The Iowa State University course catalog lists course descriptions of graduate courses offered.

Course information

For the AMD Master of Science degree, a minimum of 30 credits is required.
The credits are divided into three groups:
Group 1: Group 1 includes an introductory course to graduate study in apparel, merchandising, and design  plus courses in research methods and statistics. Included in this group are the 6-7 credits for the required research projects, which the student reports in thesis form.
Group 2: Group 2 includes the major course work in apparel, merchandising, and design.
Group 3: Group 3 includes a minimum of 2 courses taken in related disciplines outside apparel, merchandising, and design. Choice of courses depends on the student’s background, goals, and research topic. The program is planned by the student and the Program of Study (POS) Committee.

Scholarships and financial aid

Scholarships and graduate teaching/research assistantships are available for on-campus students.  


Contact the Director of Graduate Education (DOGE) for apparel, merchandising, and design with any questions. Ann Marie Fiore, Ph.D. 1062 LeBaron Hall 515-294-9303