Hospitality Management Research

International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education Annual Conference, July, 2011

Student and faculty research presentations (doc)

16th Annual Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism, January 6 - 8, 2011

Hospitality Management students presented the following research at the 2011 Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism.



JuHee Kang and Dr. Schrier

An examination of the factors effecting tradeshow exhibitors’ decisions

Aikaterini Manthiou, Dr. Tang, Alastair Morrison, and Jungyoung Shin

Activity Preference in different market segments - The case of International Tourists in Shanghai

Aikaterini Manthiou, Seonjeong Lee, and Dr. Tang

Measuring the Experience Economy and the Visitors Behavioral Consequences: An Empirical Study on Veishea

Ungku Fatimah Ungku Zainal Abidin, Dr. Arendt and Dr. Strohbehn

An exploratory investigation on the role of organizational influencers in motivating employees to follow safe food handling practices

Ungku Fatimah Ungku Zainal Abidin, Dr. Arendt, and Dr. Strohbehn

Organizational climate for promotion of safe food handling practices: Development and validation of measures in foodservice organization

Norzuwana Sumarjan and Dr. Arendt

Quality practices implementation in Malaysian hotels: The management perspective

Yi (Zoe) Zou

The Differences of Travel Behaviors between Chinese College Students and U.S. College Students

Kelly Mayfield

Nutrition labeling for retail food service menu items: College students’ preferences for nutrition information and its influence on purchase intention

JuHee Kang, Ju Yup Lee, Dr.Tang, and Dr.Bosselman

Changes of coffee consumption behaviors in Korea: The effects of image congruity toward brand name coffeehouses on consumer attitude and repurchase intention

Ju Yup Lee, JuHee Kang, and Dr.Tang

The role of store-image and functional image congruity in determining brand loyalty: Cognitive, affective, and conative brand loyalty in the context of brand coffeehouses

Ju Yup Lee and Dr. Rajagopal

Students’ expectations and satisfactions of food and beverage management course

Sungmi Song and Dr. Bosselman

E-learning : Students’ perceptions of online learning in hospitality programs

Sungmi Song and Dr. Bosselman

Exploring key determinants of faculty’s satisfaction with e-learning instructions: Focus on hospitality programs

Sungmi Song and Dr. Bosselman

Contextual factors that influence learning effectiveness: Hospitality students’ perspectives

Yu Shan Liu, Hailin Qu, and Jing Yang

A study of the impact of restaurant affiliation on part-time workers’ organizational citizenship behavior

Barry Bloom, Sung Hun “Shawn” Kim, Elsa Correa, and Barb Koukol

Forecasting RevPAR in a Declining Market: An Application of Time Series Forecasting Techniques to U.S. Weekly RevPAR Data

Barry Bloom

A Pilot Study of Personal Financial Literacy Among Hospitality Students

Carol Klitzke and Dr. Strohbehn

Reported Food Defense Measures Practiced in Schools in the United States: A National Survey

Carol Klitzke and Dr. Schrier

Bioterrorism: What Should Hotels Do to Reduce the Risk?

Frank Wencel (Fred) and Dr. Tang

Adopting the Brisoux- Larouche Model Categorization

Michael Cheng and Dr. Schrier

What is a Culinologist? An Evaluation of the Core Competencies of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Culinology

Michael Quinn and Dr. Schrier

Is there a vampire lurking in your hotel? An examination of standby power consumption in Virginia hotel rooms

The International Hospitality Information Technology Association (iHITA) 17th Annual Conference, June 20, 2010

Hospitality Management students presented the following research at the 2010 iHITA conference.

Researcher(s) Project

Ally Lee and Dr. Thomas Schrier

The Impacts of e-Servicescape on Customers’ Online Behavior on Hotel Websites

JuHee Kang, Dr. Thomas Schrier, and Dr. Tianshu Zheng

Perceptions of the iPhone as an Educational Tool in Hospitality Courses

Dr. Thomas Schrier, and Aikaterini Manuthiou

The Value of Printed Guidebooks in an Electronic World