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Trend magazine is a completely student-run publication focusing on fashion, beauty, body, and lifestyle for women and men in the Iowa State University community. Although it is managed by the AESHM department, Trend is a great way for anyone on campus to get involved. With several committees including: editorial, fashion, advertising, public relations, art and design, and photography, students from all different majors help produce the magazine.

Trend started in 2006 with ambitious apparel, merchandising, and design majors who wanted to give Iowa State a fashion upgrade. This year, the magazine celebrates 10 years and 20 editions. Once a week, an auditorium is filled with hundreds of students incorporating their ideas into each semester’s publication.

To get involved in Trend, visit their booth at ClubFest held in the Memorial Union or contact AMD advisers Christine Wise or Ann Thye.

Current Trend issue

Trend Fall 2017Fall 2017 online version
Fall 2017 PDF



Past Trend issues

Trend Spring 2017Spring 2017 online version
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Trend Fall 2016Fall 2016 online version
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pages-from-trend_webSpring 2016 online version
Spring 2016 PDF




pages-from-trend_webFall 2015 online version




pages-from-trend_webSpring 2015 online version
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trendthumbnailfall2014Fall 2014 online version
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trendspring2014Spring 2014 online version
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trend-spring-2013-thumbnailFall 2013 online version
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trend-spring-2013-thumbnailSpring 2013 online version
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trend-fall-2012-thumbnailFall 2012 online version
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Spring 2011 online version
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