Student Profiles

Hannah Astarita

“Minors give you more options to explore your interests and can put you ahead of other applicants in the job force.”

Kelsey Warfield

“As an intern, don’t think you’re the best. Remember you’re there to learn.”

Leah Blankespoor

“I was always the girl who planned all of the socials for my friends and my school.”

Hannah Walton

“Everyone is dedicated and passionate about every performance and event; we’re like a second family.”

Maaike Hendrikson

Maaike Hendrickson, from St. Ansgar, Iowa, is studying event management to one day work for a convention center.

Elizabeth Jacoby

“I really enjoy working events. I love all of the detail and planning. I love leading and working with people — that’s the idea of these majors.”

Isabel Hernandez

"I love it. There’s so much that goes into event planning that people don’t think of—and a lot of career opportunities.”

Sydney Cline

Sydney Cline is a sophomore studying apparel, merchandising, and design from West Des Moines.