Student Profiles

Hana Hoang

"College is where you figure out yourself and what you want to do."

Marilyn Gasienica

“Working at Disney is something I’d be passionate about and love doing every day. It wouldn’t seem like work.”

Angela Kermes

“While working at a hotel back home, I realized that I wanted to work with people and give great customer service.”

Marissa Carlson

Marissa Carlson, from Monee, Ill., is studying hospitality management to eventually work for a cruise line.

Elizabeth Jacoby

“I really enjoy working events. I love all of the detail and planning. I love leading and working with people — that’s the idea of these majors.”

Birgitta Grebner

“Hospitality management is a field where skills are acquired through experience. You can learn the basics, but you have to get out and learn in person too.”

Samantha Bortle

“The Disney College program is a unique, fun, and rewarding experience not a lot of people get to take advantage of.”