Learning Communities

Learning communities connect students with social and learning activities that extend well beyond the classroom.

The transition to life at Iowa State University can be overwhelming at times — new friends, a different community and campus to learn, and all new things to study. The freshman and transfer learning communities within AESHM provide new students with a core group of peers in similar classes. For at least one semester, the group meets regularly with advisers, faculty members, and student peer mentors to ease the transition to Iowa State.

Apparel, merchandising and design students

Students in the apparel, merchandising, and design program may join the Common Threads learning community. More information »

Coordinator: Chris Leiran Wise,

Hospitality and event management students

Students in the hospitality and event management programs may join the Directions learning community. More information »

Coordinator: Dawn Fiihr,

When do I join?

Get the most from your experience by joining the learning community before your orientation.

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