Alcohol and Controlled Substance Abuse

Abuse of alcohol or other controlled substances, during sponsored university events, during field studies, or in class settings, or when it creates a hazard for the student and others in the room provides justification for receiving a failing grade for the course or removal from the event. (See the ISU policies at and )

Professional Behavior

Professional behavior and a professional work attitude are expected of all students/staff/faculty at all times while on campus, in class, or while representing ISU away from campus (including field trips, field study, internships, and study tours). This includes respect and consideration of fellow students, faculty, and TAs; maintaining classroom spaces; meeting or adhering to dress codes, where applicable; and active participation in group and individual critiques and classroom discussions. Demonstration of respect includes paying attention to speakers, arriving on time for class or appointments, staying in class for the entire time and not walking out of class before it is over or returning after a few minutes, appropriate demeanor during class (no whispering, listening to music, no cell phones ringing or being answered, no use of electronic communication such as texting or visiting websites), etc. All usage of laptops or other similar devises must be approved by the instructor.

Global Citizenship

Global citizenship involves positive interaction with and respect for other cultures and the diversity of individuals in and out of the classroom. A good global citizen will make an effort to understand differences in language, culture, customs, behaviors and means of doing business, accept diversity and seek to build new relationships. Global citizens treat everyone with respect and courtesy in and out of the classroom. International faculty and teaching assistants are to be accorded the same attention and courtesy as given to other faculty and TAs.