Repeating Courses

Some courses in the AESHM Department have high demand and limited capacity. Student who drop or withdraw or fail a course may be asked to skip a semester or year before being allowed to re-enroll in one of these high demand courses. Students should put forth their best effort in all classes in their major so as to avoid finding themselves in this situation.

Student Work in Repeat Classes

This policy applies to the work handed in by students who are repeating a course offered by the AESHM Department. All coursework for the repeat attempt must be original work and cannot have been worked on or submitted for a grade in the original or subsequent attempt(s). This coursework includes but is not limited to papers, presentations, notebooks, portfolios, projects, and labs. Any work submitted for a second time that had been submitted in a previous semester by that or any other student will receive an F for that project/assignment and a new project/assignment cannot be submitted later in the semester to remedy the F.