Program-specific Policies

Apparel, Merchandising, and Design


  • Use appropriate seam treatments and edge finishes based on materials to meet quality standards.
  • Use only calligraphy lettering, architectural style writing, or computer-generated labels/information on display/mood boards and portfolio components (no hand-written labels).
  • Create accurately executed and correctly labeled pattern work.
  • Create accurate proportions and garment structure for technical drawings.


  • Use APA style for references, use font size 10-12 for all work.
  • For spreadsheet assignments, scale the spreadsheet so it prints on one page (unless specific assignment requirements allow another option). Turn in two spreadsheets: one containing the formulas and one containing the calculated answers.
  • Use appropriate mathematical formulas for determining information for merchandise planning and pricing.
  • Use a variety of information sources (print and electronic forms of industry, marketing, and financial resources).
  • Demonstrate synthesis of qualitative and quantitative data to present reasoned merchandising-related decisions and plans.

Hospitality Management

  • All projects should be typewritten and use appropriate software for developing projects (where applicable).
  • Use APA style for references, 12 pt font, at least 1 inch margins on all sides and at least 1.5 spacing between lines for all projects.
  • Students should follow instructor’s policies on project submission for projects that are specific to certain classes.
  • Excuses for late submissions will only be accepted when the student has provided proper documentation and has contacted the instructor prior to the deadline for submission.