Turning In/Picking Up Work

Due Dates for assignments/projects for classes

All assignments/projects must meet class deadlines as established by the instructor. Technology problems are not acceptable excuses. Assignments/projects turned in after the deadline will receive a penalty of no less than 10% each calendar day the assignment/project is late. Some instructors may elect to have a drop dead policy - a date by which no late projects/assignments will be accepted. Students must be on time and in class when assignments/projects are due. Penalties start accruing immediately after the project/assignment deadline. Projects not submitted in class need to be turned into 31 MacKay for a date stamp during normal office hours. Unusual circumstances must be discussed with faculty before the project/assignment is due.

Picking Up Student Work Following Grading

The pick up of all student projects and papers must be monitored for security and confidentiality. Individual professors/instructors may make arrangements to return assignments during class periods or from their offices. Items must be monitored by the professor/instructor to insure that they are not lost or stolen. Professors and instructors who are not able to sufficiently monitor this activity, must arrange for pick-up in 31 MacKay by providing the office staff with a class list. Students must show their student ID and sign for all items before they will be allowed to retrieve them. (See the ISU policy at http://www.public.iastate.edu/~catalog/2009-2011/geninfo/studentrecords.html )