Student Profiles

Courtney Biere

Courtney Biere hopes to become a corporate event planner or immerse herself in fashion show production after graduation. While she prepares to reach her career goal, outside of studying she enjoys spending time with friends over board games, eating good food, and attending group fitness classes.

Tammie Melton

Tammie Melton hopes to use her apparel, merchandising, and design major and her second major in marketing to work as a talent manager or for Glossier as a social media director. For now, Tammie watches YouTube videos, scrolls through Instagram, and reads style blogs in her free time.

Carolyn Simon

Carolyn Simon wants to use her apparel, merchandising, and design degree to become a color and material designer for athletic footwear. She makes the most of her college experience by spending her free time dancing, thrift shopping, and working on personal design projects.

Kelsie Toth

Kelsie Toth is still finding the perfect career for her but knows Iowa State University will help lead her to a career in apparel merchandising. While she continues to explore her options, she enjoys $5 Tuesday movie nights, online shopping, and watching Netflix in her free time.

Mikaela Lighty

Mikaela Lighty's career aspirations consist of owning a wedding business. In the mean time, she enjoys drawing, working out, and watching a good movie.

Alyssa Best

Alyssa Best's dream job is working as a merchandiser for J. Crew. When she's not working toward her degree, she enjoys watching Netflix and reading.

Nicole Kluesner

Nicole Kluesner wants to work as a buyer for a corporate office or open my own boutique. Right now, she spends her time baking treats for her roommates, watching Netflix, and listening to music.

Hana Hoang

As an international student, Tra "Hana" Hoang learned branching out was the best way to make new friends. She enjoys dancing, watching Korean dramas, and running in her free time. 

Marilyn Gasienica

Marilyn Gasienica hopes to use her hospitality management degree to one day work at Disney World. When she isn't planning her next Disney trip, she spends time watching movies with her roommates or rewarding herself with a sweet treat from Dairy Queen.

Angela Kermes

Angela Kermes aspires to own and run her own hotel someday. For now, she spends time with friends, working out, and volunteering at the Story County Animal Shelter.

Marissa Carlson

Marissa can't wait to work for a cruise line or country club. When she isn't studying she enjoys playing sports, painting, and reading.

Hannah Astarita

Hannah Astarita aspires to work as an activities director. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going for walks, talking with people, and watching movies with friends.

Sarah Mader

Sarah Mader plans to establish her own apparel design company. When she isn't studying, she enjoys taking advantage of downtime, catching up on sleep, and hanging out with friends.

Kelsey Warfield

Kelsey hopes to plan events for a non-profit organization. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends, and taking part in Iowa State traditions before graduation.

Emma Bixenman

Emma Bixenman aspires to buy for a large apparel company. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going to brunch with friends, exploring Ames, and going to the gym.

Allison Cherry

Allison Cherry plans to make a name for herself in the fashion world. When she isn't studying she enjoys reading novels, road-tripping with friends, and watching Netflix.

Leah Blankespoor

Leah Blankespoor looks forward to planning events in her hometown. When she isn't studying she enjoys working as a professional princess, posting content on her blog, and surfing Pinterest for DIY crafts.

Hannah Walton

Hannah Walton plans to work organizing events. When she isn't studying she enjoys planning events for the Student Union Board, hanging out with friends, and crocheting quilts to de-stress.

Maaike Hendrikson

Maaike Hendrikson hopes to work events for a convention center someday. When she isn't studying she enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching T.V., and cooking/baking.

Elizabeth Jacoby

Elizabeth (Beth) loves providing positive event experiences for clients. When she isn't studying she enjoys spending time with friends by taking trips to Target, trying new restaurants, and making trips to the High Trestle Trail Bridge.

Alex Peters

Alex Peters hopes to become a fashion designer. When he isn't studying or sewing for classes, he enjoys creating his own clothing, watching Netflix, and eating cookie dough.

Isabel Hernandez

Isabel Hernandez wants to make people's weddings perfect. When she isn't studying she enjoys talking about the College of Human Sciences as an ambassador, hanging out with her roommates -- including her dog -- and watching Netflix.

Claire Espeset

Claire Espeset has her heart set on becoming a buyer for an apparel or furnishing company. When she isn't studying, she enjoys hanging out with her sorority sisters, knitting, and making the short trip home to see her family.

Sydney Cline

Sydney Cline wants to combine her love of merchandising and event planning to open her own one-stop wedding boutique. When she isn't studying she enjoys being involved in her sorority, staying active through yoga and rock climbing, and shopping.

Elizabeth Vorreiter

Elizabeth Vorreiter knows her future career lies in merchandising. When she isn't studying, she enjoys spending time with friends and helping students through her adviser and ambassador roles.