Alumni and friends

Apparel, events, and hospitality management appreciates the support and encouragement from our alumni. Staying connected with our alumni allows us to continually improve our program as we strive to maintain the prestige and reputation of our department for decades to come.

Undergraduate post-graduation plans

Each year we collect data from all College of Human Sciences graduates regarding their post-graduation plans. The data is used for many important purposes, including program accreditation, university and college statistics, current and prospective student questions, and more

Alumni services

Your journey with the College of Human Sciences doesn’t end at graduation. Become a part of the alumni community– the College of Human Sciences offers networking opportunities, communications, awards, and services to help our 48,500 CHS alumni stay connected.


Private philanthropy is critical to the success of the College of Human Sciences. Gifts can be made through the ISU foundation or online directly to the College of Human Sciences.