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Amanda Bolduc

Major: Event Management

Secondary major: Hospitality Management

Year: Junior
Hometown/State: Minnesota

Type of experience: Internship
Company/Organization: Red Lobster
Company/Organization website:
Title: Server, A/C, Bartender
Destination: Ames IA
Timeframe: May 17th 2015 - July 26th 2015

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
As a server; it was my responsibility to provide a great seafood experience for my customers this included getting drinks and food and taking care of any other needs.I also had to help clean and restock various areas withing the back of house such as silverware and ice. As a bartender; I made all the bar drinks for servers and restocked the bar for the next day. As an alley coordinator; it was my job to make sure that all plates of food that are waiting to be served to tables look correct and are cooked properly.

I accomplished...
My accomplishments were learning how to make the two new promotional drinks in the bar; the High Tide and Island Sunset Margarita. I also accomplished serving up to 5 tables at one time without feeling overly stressed. I also accomplished working a server shift all day with a short break.

My most valuable effort...
The most valuable project that I worked on during this experience was the creating a check list for closing and opening the bar. This included extra information about how to specifically clean specific things in the bar especially at closing.

I learned...
The most valuable learning experience that I encountered was what it means to be a good manager. I learned that being a good manager is not just about having a good business or making the customers experience wonderful. It is also about caring about the employees so that they enjoy working there. This means encouraging, listening, and giving credit to those who have done something well. Overall it means helping your employees accomplish their goals.

I will never forget...
The most memorable experience that I had during this internship was when I was training to be a server and was helping out a server named Heather. She had two tables next to each other one contained a group of three gentlemen and the other was an older couple who were celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary. One of the guys from the other table overheard that celebration and number of years the couple had been together and paid for the whole meal. Chivalry was not dead on this day.

A surprising discovery...
I did not expect that being a server would be as constant and customer oriented as it is. This changed the manner that I see other servers in restaurants that I go to. It has changed the manner in which I approach my profession by making me realize that I need to be prepared for constant motion and nonstop action in this industry. This also allowed me to understand that in this profession our job is to make things easier and more enjoyable for the customer no matter what. It is like they say "the customer is always right".

Advice for others...
For other students I would recommend focusing on one position within the restaurant that you choose and work hard everyday. This industry is fast paced and you need to be prepared for everything. I would also recommend making a connection at a place first and then ask about an internship because you have a better chance at working your way up and overall the managers seem more compliant with what you want. Otherwise be honest with your employers in this industry that you are interested in this career and they will help you succeed.

I first learned about this career-building experience from...
I learned about this career opportunity through the student job board and applied for a host position. I then worked my way up and am now cross trained in almost all of the positions.

I landed this assignment by...
I landed this particular assignment by talking to my current manager and telling him that I was interested in a career in this industry and he helped my by giving me training positions in various jobs that I did not already work at the restaurant.

I wanted this experience because...
I wanted this particular assignment because it gives me a chance to figure out which areas in this industry that I desire working in so that I can narrow down my options when I am looking for a full time position.

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