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Brianna Denton

Major: Event Management

Company/Organization: Rollins Mansion
Company/Organization website:
Title: Event Intern
Destination: Des Moines, Iowa 50311
Timeframe: Summer 2017

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
At Rollins Mansion, I work directly with the clients once they have booked and signed a formal contract. We discuss how many guests will be attending, the lay out of the venue and where they want items placed, sharing with them all the options they have at Rollins, assisting with questions day of and getting the bridal party lined up before the grand entrance.

I accomplished...
Getting to take the lead on assisting with a final walk through and rehearsal practice for a bride and groom just days before the actual event the following weekend.

I learned...
When working in weddings, things are always changing and not going to follow the initial outline on day, so when dinner or something gets pushed up or back, making sure that the appropriate people are told is key. Example, if dinner is pushed up the the cooks need to know ASAP so that they have time to get everything plated or prepped before guests are seated.

Advice for others...
Working in events are long nights where there is always something to do. Setting up, executing the actual event and then tearing down. Have shoes that give good support, we are always on the move. Also stay hydrated. At my venue site, most brides want their weddings out on the terrace so with the sun and heat blaring down on you its good to drink lots of water.

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