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Sam Carmoney

Major: Hospitality Management

Year: Senior
Hometown/State: Mitchellville, IA

Type of experience: Internship
Company/Organization: Best Western
Company/Organization website:
Title: Guest Services Supervisor
Destination: Ames
Timeframe: Spring Semester 2016

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
I was responsible for responding to guest surveys, making sure that any guest issues are addressed, training of all front desk staff, issuing commissions to 3rd party websites, and just general supervision of any front desk staff/tasks.

I accomplished...
I have successfully trained 5 or 6 front desk employees in the last calendar year. I get numerous great reviews each month and in general I am a very important part of the hotel staff and even more so on the weekends.

My most valuable effort...
I would say that the training is the most valuable. I am responsible for making sure that any of our new employees are taught the right way to handle situations in the hotel. If they are not ready for this then problems will arise quickly.

I learned...
The most valuable thing that I learned was to be persistent and to ask questions. If you are constantly showing an effort to learn and improve then you are on the right track

Advice for others...
1. Keep an open mind 2. Embrace the learning experience 3. Stay persistent

I first learned about this career-building experience from...
I applied here over two years ago when I was trying to find a job in the hospitality industry. It ended up being a very good choice for me and I have been treated very well.

I landed this assignment by...
I was promoted to Guest Services Supervisor a little over a year ago. Our past supervisor had quit and I was the most experienced at the front desk at the time. After a training period, I was made the Supervisor.

I wanted this experience because...
I wanted this job title because I knew that it would assist me in getting a future job in management. It shows that I have worked my way up and didn't skip any steps to get there.

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