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Hailey Vollbrecht

Major: Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Minor/option/emphasis: AMD-Creative and Technical Design

Company/Organization: Marchesa Couture
Company/Organization website:
Destination: New York, New York
Timeframe: Summer

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
As a Couture design intern I was given many different responsibilities and tasks. Some of these responsibilities would be; flower making, beading, embroidery, hand sewing, machine sewing, pattern making, draping, making mood boards, making different swatches, sitting in and helping with fittings as well as photo shoots, preparing the showroom for special clients, color rendering, dying, and occasionally running to production office.

I accomplished...
There are so many... But I would say my greatest accomplishment would be my snake that I made all out of embroidery and beading. We got to do test samples of many different types of textures and so for my one I decided to make the shape of a snake with a gold and black lace that mimicked scales and then I placed beads and embroidery along the body of the snake to give it depth but still keeping the scales apparent. It turned out better than I thought, took a while, but was so happy with the outcome. As well as being complimented on my snake and sent off to be produced and hopefully walk down the runway this upcoming season or the next.

I learned...
I learned so much. I learned how to work with my peers and how to find there criticism not intimidating but rather helpful and constructively. I didn't learn how to hand sew or pattern make because of this internship- but I definitely improved and mastered it.

Advice for others...
I say take all the opportunities you can get, always work your but off, offer to do as much as possible and help out in any way, don't be afraid to stay late, ask questions, keep close with you bosses and co-workers, be very attentive with everything, and don't take anything with a grain of salt. These people are in their positions and jobs because of there experience and therefore learn everything you can from them so you too can have that experience some day. As cleshay as this all sounds- it's all true. Take every moment you can and run with it and cherish it.

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