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Kristin Jensen

Major: Event Management

Secondary major: Other

Year: Junior
Hometown/State: Norway, Iowa

Type of experience: Internship
Company/Organization: Cyclone Hockey
Company/Organization website:
Title: Marketing/Events Intern
Destination: Ames Iowa
Timeframe: 1st Semester

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
I had a wide range of responsibilities, it really depended on where they needed me! I did help with between period intermissions and games, like telling people where to go and what to do. From there I helped with the behind the scenes stuff, like finding organizations to bring in to the games and group ticket sales.

I will never forget...
I would say the most memorable experience was the first game I worked at. It is so satisfying to sit back and see what you put your time in to working out and turning out great!

Advice for others...
Over the summers I did work a little bit for a minor league baseball team back home, but I did not see what all went on behind the scenes, I just saw my little part. This being a smaller organization was different for me but nice because I saw more sides and aspects to it. I would recommend getting as much experience as you can and getting different experience from different places to really know what you want to do!

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