Student Profiles


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Abby Batson


Abby Batson came to Iowa State University searching for the perfect career for her. After exploring the College of Human Sciences, she discovered that she fit perfectly in the event planning industry.

Paige VandeWiele

<p>“The best part is seeing everything come together. It’s nice knowing all the hard work that goes into it and everything that I did to make it better.”</p>

Paige VandeWiele has always had a creative outlook on things. Majoring in event management, she hopes to apply her artistic mindset to her event management work. 

Hannah-Iverson Jones

Hannah Iverson-Jones desires to someday live on the West Coast while working in the fashion industry. Her experience in student organizations and job experience have helped prepare her for her future career. 

Shiloh Schlauderaff


Shiloh Schlauderaff's natural talent for planning made her a natural candidate for Iowa State's event management program. After gaining internship and research experience, Shiloh is ready to move forward and lead within the event industry.

Jaimie Stites

Jaimie Stites, a double-major with a knack for creativity, has a passion for making new students feel comfortable and informed before coming to college.  

Diego Bonilla


Diego Bonilla discovered event management through his involvement with the Student Union Board freshman year. Now a senior, Diego is a campus leader in his organizations, preparing for a fulfilling career as a professional in events.

Bryce Friederich

Bryce Friederich first discovered his passion for hospitality management and customer service during his time as a conference manager for Conference Services at Iowa State University. Now as a senior, Bryce is excited to continue networking and exploring the industry. 

Sara Mejia


Sara Mejia came to Iowa State to pursue her dream of learning apparel, merchandising, and design. Along the way, she learned about herself and found her dedication to helping others.

Bingyue Wei


Bingyue Wei is working to combine her passions of sustainability and teaching together to one day mentor her own students on creative, wearable garments. While working on her research, she also teaches multiple classes at Iowa State University, further preparing her for her dream job. 

Linda Tong


Linda Tong started her business, Linda Tong Planners, after her first year of college. She then grew her business with the help of the CYstarters program, and is now selling her planners internationally.

Michelle Burton


Passionate about sustainability and teaching, Michelle Burton pursues her goal of lifelong learning by earning her advanced degree and implementing environmentally friendly practices in her life and career.

Malvika Rajagopal


Malvika Rajagopal came to Iowa State University with two degrees in human resources, hoping to apply that knowledge to a degree in fashion. Now, she's a second year master's student in apparel, merchandising, and design, aiming to start her own business.

Sophia Luu


Sophia Luu has made the most of her college career with undergraduate research, study abroad, and more. Her love for textiles and cultural dress leads her to pursue apparel education and research.

Jacob Wallace


By combining their love for travel, entertainment, and working with others, Jacob Wallace plans on using their hospitality management major and minors in event management and entrepreneurial studies to propel them into the career world, and land them a job they love. 

Hannah Mauser


Hannah Mauser was unique in her interest in fashion coming from a small high school. Her time at Iowa State University has now helped her grow in the industry, and prepare her for her future.

Megan Romans


Wanting to become a support system for others, Megan Romans' research focuses on bringing attention to a plethora of social issues while starting a conversation about important topics. 

Annie Fitzpatrick

Annie Fitzpatrick travels to fashion capitals around the globe to learn more about merchandising within retail companies and applies her knowledge as a director for The Fashion Show.

Emily DeDoncker


Emily DeDoncker plans to work for an outdoor retail and lifestyle brand after college. She's using her experience from her double major and involvement in the National Retail Federation Student Association (NFRSA) to set herself apart and reach her goals.

Cory Bock


Cory Bock has always held a deep passion for music. During his time at Iowa State, he discovered the event management major, which led him to pursue a career as an artist manager. 

Isaiah Sents


Isaiah Sents' dream is to become a professor and a costume designer, in hopes of contributing to the body of knowledge on fashion communication.

Emily Nyren


An impactful internship led Emily Nyren to pursue event management studies at Iowa State University. Now she's gaining the skills she needs to fulfill her dream of being a wedding planner.

Amy Schraeder


Amy Schraeder discovered her knack for sewing and numbers at a young age. Now a sophomore at Iowa State University, Amy is excited to bring awareness to the sustainable clothing industry after graduation.

Claire Turner


Claire Turner fed her passion of helping others by coordinating philanthropic events during her internship.

Cole Kramer


Cole Kramer's efficiency, organization, and time management skills are propelling him toward his dream career: president of Walt Disney World Resort.

Elena Sieverding


Elena Sieverding has always loved Iowa State. Now, graduating come Spring 2020, Elena is excited to apply the skills she has learned through her classes to her future career and within her photography.

Lexi Stumpf


Lexi Stumpf has known from a young age that pursuing a career in the fashion industry was the path she would take. Now, a junior at Iowa State University, Lexi is confident in and excited for what the future has in store. 

Emma Petri


Emma Petri traveled across the country before she found her true passion of event management. Read about how travels through the National Student Exchange led Emma to her current major at Iowa State.

Ellen Hungerford


Ellen Hungerford has always wanted to work with people. After talking with a friend that had changed their major to event management, her inspiration was sparked. Now, Ellen is interested in a variety of fields within her major, and continues to gain inspiration from her internship, study abroad experience, and classes.

Lillie DeVries


Lillie DeVries has interned with Sherri Hill and Under Armour while working toward becoming a couture designer in New York.

Dyese Matthews


Dyese Matthews has been fascinated by fashion since she was a young girl watching her mother get dressed. Now a master's of science student, she focuses on researching the influence of Black fashion and American history with the end goal of being a professor and entrepreneur.

Kelsey Best


Kelsey Best plans on working in the golf industry and planning major tournaments. When she isn't focused on schoolwork, Kelsey is involved in her sorority and communication studies club. 

Lydia Granahan


Lydia Granahan changed her major to event management to work with a balanced mix of creativity and numbers. As an intern for the Academy of Country Music Awards, Lydia is actively preparing herself for her dream career in the music industry.

Jemie Ilunga


Jemie Ilunga plans to work as a fashion designer after graduation. When she isn't studying, Jemie enjoys watching Netflix and catching up on sleep.

Taylor Barnard


Taylor Barnard hopes to work at the Make-A-Wish Foundation after she graduates. When she isn't studying, Taylor enjoys volunteering, following Bob Ross painting tutorials with friends, and taking care of her plants.

Makenzie Schurk

<p>“I try and make connections and find things in common and help people connect. I’m a people person.”</p>

Makenzie Schurk plans to work as a celebrity stylist or in a wholesale showroom after graduation. When Mackenzie isn't studying, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and going to get half price appetizers at Applebee's.

Ashley Jones


Ashley Jones is in the midst of creating her own online event design studio. When she isn't working on her business, Ashley loves to craft: making shirts, canvases, and customized mugs.

Mariah Mikel


Mariah Mikel is pursuing a degree in hospitality management with the goal of one day managing a resort in Hawaii. Besides making travel plans to tropical destinations, she enjoys working out, going to the movies, and trying new restaurants in her free time.

Nathan Wanderscheid


Nathan Wanderscheid sees himself potentially owning a hotel or concert venue after graduation. Outside of his internship and coursework, he enjoys listening to music, reading comic books, and hanging out with friends.

Sarah Wright


Sarah Wright has a strong interest for digital retail and hopes to help a major retail company bridge the gap between e-commerce and brick and mortar. Until she reaches her goal, she enjoys listening to Retail Gets Real podcasts by the National Retail Federation and playing computer games in her free time.

Courtney Biere


Courtney Biere hopes to become a corporate event planner or immerse herself in fashion show production after graduation. While she prepares to reach her career goal, outside of studying she enjoys spending time with friends over board games, eating good food, and attending group fitness classes.

Tammie Melton


Tammie Melton hopes to use her apparel, merchandising, and design major and her second major in marketing to work as a talent manager or for Glossier as a social media director. For now, Tammie watches YouTube videos, scrolls through Instagram, and reads style blogs in her free time.

Michael Lynch


Michael Lynch's goal after obtaining his Ph.D. in hospitality management is to continue teaching at a research university and help to advance the study of customer relationship management and loyalty programs. In his free time Michael enjoys spending time with his students, golfing, cooking, and traveling.

Marilyn Gasienica


Marilyn Gasienica hopes to use her hospitality management degree to one day work at Disney World. When she isn't planning her next Disney trip, she spends time watching movies with her roommates or rewarding herself with a sweet treat from Dairy Queen.

Angela Kermes


Angela Kermes aspires to own and run her own hotel someday. For now, she spends time with friends, working out, and volunteering at the Story County Animal Shelter.

Kelsey Warfield

Kelsey hopes to plan events for a non-profit organization. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends, and taking part in Iowa State traditions before graduation.

Allison Cherry


Allison Cherry plans to make a name for herself in the fashion world. When she isn't studying she enjoys reading novels, road-tripping with friends, and watching Netflix.

Elizabeth Jacoby


Elizabeth (Beth) loves providing positive event experiences for clients. When she isn't studying she enjoys spending time with friends by taking trips to Target, trying new restaurants, and making trips to the High Trestle Trail Bridge.