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Title: Associate Professor
Department: Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management

Office: 1056 LeBaron, Ames, IA 50011-2100
Phone number: +1 (515) 2944022
Email: tdchung@iastate.edu

Research interests

  • Internet Interaction/Social Media- The semantic based and user oriented Web 3.0 has changed how people interact. I am interested in how this change can help organizations deliver better services and build better relationships with stakeholders. Specifically, I look into how people(consumers) bond with one another and the organizations in two ways: examining the causal and outcome variables and social network analysis.
  • Mobile Marketing- I am interested in consumers' acceptance of mobile marketing such as apps, advertising, and coupons. I am also interested in its influences on customer relationships.

Published works


  •  AMD 467 Consumer Behavior  (every Fall semester)
  • AMD477 Multi-channel Retailing (every Spring semester)
  • AMD377 Brand Management and Promotions (every semester, rotatingly taught by multiple instructors)
  • AMD 567 Consumer Behavior in Apparel (Fall semesters in odd years)
  • AMD 577 E-commerce for Apparel and Hospitality Companies (Fall semesters in even years)