The Fashion Show

The Fashion Show 2020

The winners are posted!

Check out this year’s garment entries, set design, and the digital program. Hear from the faculty adviser, student producers, and find out who the scholarship winners are. Visit The Fashion Show 2020 recap.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Fashion Show is changing many of our plans to comply with the university’s guidelines for student events.

Unfortunately, with the university’s decision to make the rest of the semester completely virtual, we will not be able to continue with the runway show on April 18. There is too much risk involved with the number of people needed to make our show work at Stephens.

Instead, we are going to focus on how we can showcase all of the amazing work that our team has done digitally. The Fashion Show is so much more than the runway. Our directors and committee members are facing the challenge COVID-19 has presented to us and are working to reimagine their roles within TFS and reinvent their responsibilities in a solely digital way. Our design directors have been in communication with our guest judges in order to provide a way to judge all of our students’ garment entries, and our alumni directors are working to continue to provide networking opportunities to our students. This is just a few ways The Fashion Show team is persisting to have an impact in the current state.

Here are the new dates for our events:

Thursday, April 16th – Virtual Meet The Judges event on The Fashion Show’s Facebook page live at 4 pm

Monday, April 20th to Friday April 24th – Virtual Fashion Week events on our social media accounts

Wednesday, May 6th – The Fashion Show 2020 entries displayed & winners announced!


We are so excited to present the theme for The Fashion Show 2020: Modern Awakening. Created through student collaboration this theme encompasses the beauty and wonder from the past to the present. Modern Awakening honors The Fashion Show’s history while aligning the values of our beginning with that of the show today. The Fashion Show 2020: Modern Awakening aims to represent our numerous student designers and their collections in a way that values every design that crosses the stage. Multiple Director teams collaborated to take Modern Awakening from an initial mood board into a specific vision for our theme that will be represented in all show materials. From marketing materials to visual merchandising displays to set creation, Modern Awakening is represented throughout it all. Thanks to our art director, Lauren Hansen, alongside our gallery and display directors, Rachel Lininger and Emily Schrimpf, and our set directors, Anna Zimmerman, Cameron Wahlberg and Madelyn Uhl, for helping establish a clear vision for The Fashion Show 2020: Modern Awakening.

Fundraising Initiatives

Our FundISU campaign through the Iowa State Foundation went live for 30 days, ending on Feb. 21. We are excited for the challenge of raising $25,000 in this short time frame! Please follow our social media platforms to take a look at what our student leaders have been developing over the past few months. We appreciate every donation that helps support the continual growth of our organization! 

In the community

While The Fashion Show is a much-anticipated event to the Iowa State campus community, the event is much more than one night of glamour and excitement. Throughout the year, the philanthropy committee has been getting involved in the community and giving back by working with several organizations. These organizations include Hughats, Days for Girls and Dress for Success. 

From 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Feb. 22, in the Memorial Union Sun Room, we will be working with Hughats to decorate hats for disaster relief clients, chemotherapy patients, homeless shelter victims, etc.

From 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on March 7 in Lebaron 2088, we will be partnering with Days for Girls, an organization that increases access to menstrual care and education to young girls and women in developing countries to hold a “Sew Day.” This will consist of students coming together to sew and assemble “kits” for women. These kits will include two pairs of underwear, two shields, eight liners, soap and a washcloth, instructions and a transportation bag.