The Fashion Show

The Fashion Show 2021

Date of upcoming 2021 Fashion Show: April 17, 2021

Fundraising Initiatives

Our FundISU campaign through the Iowa State Foundation went live for 30 days, ending on February 21. We were excited by the challenge to raise $25,000 in this short time frame, and we crushed that goal by raising over $34,000! Please follow our social media platforms to take a look at what our student leaders are constantly working to develop for the show. We appreciate every donation that helps support the continuous growth of our organization!

In the community

While The Fashion Show is a much-anticipated event to the Iowa State campus community, the event is much more than one night of glamour and excitement. Throughout the year, the philanthropy committee has been getting involved in the community and giving back by working with several organizations. These organizations include Hughats, Days for Girls and Dress for Success.