Hybrid doctor of philosophy

Iowa State University (ISU) offers a distance (hybrid) Ph.D. in apparel, merchandising, and design for working professionals. In the distance (hybrid) doctor of philosophy program, award-winning ISU faculty prepare you to succeed as a professional in industry, museums, or academia.

This hybrid distance program features one or two short on-campus summer coursework sessions (that help meet the residency requirement). Other credits can be done at a distance.

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Application deadline is March 15.

Visit the Iowa State Graduate College site for application requirements.

72 total credit hours:

  • 36 credits must be taken at ISU
  • 24 credits must be taken at ISU over six consecutive semesters to earn residency
  • Six credits must be taken in the first summer

Scholarships and graduate teaching/research assistantships are available for on-campus students.

Assistantship applications are sent to on-campus students who are eligible to apply once the student has been admitted into the program.

Contact the Director of Graduate Education (DOGE) for apparel, merchandising, and design with any questions.

Ann Marie Fiore, Ph.D.
1062 LeBaron Hall