AESHM Poster Session

The following students presented research projects in the January, 2012 poster presentation session.



Amrut Sadachar & Elena E. Karpova

Assessment of the Indian and US Technical Textile Industries: Application of SWOT Analysis

Ann Marie Fiore & Thomas Schrier

Branding Aesthetics: What Are We Teaching Our Students?

Caitlyn Kamm, Eonyou Shin, & Elena Karpova

Comparative Advantage of the United States and South Korea in Manmade Textiles

Matthew R. Pinkston & Mary Lynn Damhorst

Computer Assessment of Hue:  Toward Objective Measurement of Appearance

Ji Hee Choi & Lakshman Rajagopal

The Current Status of Implementing HACCP in Iowa Schools

Christina Denekas

Digital Prints

Thomas Schrier, Michelle Millar, & Ju-Yup Lee

Do Students Want e-Textbooks to Replace Printed Textbooks?

James Williams & Robert Bosselman

Do Team Sports Participation Draws Similar Traits Needed for Collaborative Leadership?

James Williams, Kelly Mayfield, & Robert Bosselman

Early Age Athletics Effect on Undergraduate Hospitality Student Leadership Styles

Wei-Chen Chen & Ann Marie Fiore

The Effect of Individual Difference on Acceptance of Pop-Up Retail by Taiwanese Consumers

Ann Marie Fiore, Linda Niehm, Jessica Hurst, Jihyeong Son, & Amrut Sadachar

Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies, Brand Distinctiveness, and the Impact on Small Business Success

Donald G. Schoffstall & Susan W. Arendt

Executive Chef Expectations and Perceptions of Recent Culinary Graduates

Xinxin Wang & Sara B. Marcketti

Fair Competition in the Corset and Brassiere Industry, 1933-1935

Yu-Shan Liu, DiehAnh Ho Dac, JiHee Choi, & Liang (Rebecca) Tang

Getting to Know Your Customers’ Experience on Facebook in Food Service Industry

Jinhyun Jun & Susan Wohlsdorf-Arendt.

Healthful Menu Promotion as a Corporate Social Responsibility Activity: Does it Affect Fast Food Employees’ Turnover Intentions?

Anh Ho Dac Dieu & Susan Wohlsdorf-Arendt

How are Hotel Managers Utilizing the Training Evaluation Tools Created for Them?

Wei-Chen Chen & Ann Marie Fiore

How Cultural Values Affect Consumer Acceptance of Pop-Up Retail by Taiwanese Consumers

Aikaterina Manthiou, JuHee Kang, Norzuwana Surmajan, & Liang (Rebecca) Tang

Investigating the Mediating Effect of Affective Commitment Between the Relationship of Experience and Loyalty for Brand Named Hotels

Aikaterina Manthiou, Lanlung Chiang, & Liang (Rebecca) Tang

Investigate Customer Values on Restaurants’ Facebook Fan Pages

Jill Lee & Elena Karpova

Japanese Apparel Market for U.S. Apparel Exports: A Comparative Investigation of Major Competitors

Sonali Diddi & Linda S. Niehm

Marketing of Eco Fashion Products: Scale Development and Validation

Meng Li, Lanlung Chiang, & Liang (Rebecca) Tang

Religious Tourism to Holy Mountain in China: The Travel Motivations of International Tourists

Sarah Bennett

Sangiovese:  A Designer’s Collection

Natasha Oakley & Mary Lynn Damhorst

Satisfaction with Dress and Appearance Identity When in the Minority: Experiences of African-American and Latina Women at a Predominately White Campus

James Williams, Shan Lu, Xiafan Wang, & Liang (Rebecca) Tang

Training Programs’ Role in Improving Customer Service Skills of Restaurant Employees
Eunjoo Cho & Ann Marie Fiore Testing an Expanded Consumer-Based Brand Equity Model in Korea: Addition of the Lovemark Concept
Cheryl Ann Farr & Michael Reiskind Testing Apparel as Protection from Biting Flies
Amal Basaffar, Linda Niehm, & Robert Bosselman Understanding the Entrepreneurial Potential of Female Saudi Arabian Family and Consumer Science Students