Event management outcomes

Undergraduate program outcomes

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Graduate program outcomes

Master’s program

The master’s degree program is designed to prepare individuals for managerial positions in the events industry, teaching careers, and continued graduate study. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • create meeting and event plans based on research and analysis, trends, goals and objectives, larger organizational plans and financial resources; work within economic and social realities; and work within unique conditions in highly complex and unpredictable environments.
  • analyze event and meeting risks and develop comprehensive risk management and event management response plans to cover unpredictable and complex situations.
  • design and build a range of revenue streams and manage financial processes and pricing.
  • create and monitor human resource plans to achieve event and organizational goals, build teams, and develop training and development plans for staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders.
  • design program components and delivery formats and determine functional requirements.
  • manage meeting and event site(s) by completing site inspections and selecting the best option(s); create site layouts/floor plans; develop the logistics plan; monitor the set-up, take-down and running of the event; and establish onsite communication protocol.
  • integrate multidisciplinary social science theories to explain current event management challenges and opportunities.
  • engage in critical thinking, accept new models/paradigms, examine similarities and analogies, and recognize new priorities in the event management domain.
  • understand the ethical, legal, societal, and economic concerns of event management.
  • visualize, interpret, and communicate event management concepts to a variety of stakeholders.