Hannah-Iverson Jones

Hannah Iverson-Jones desires to someday live on the West Coast while working in the fashion industry. Her experience in student organizations and job experience have helped prepare her for her future career. 

Hannah Iverson-Jones hopes to become a stylist, buyer, or trend forecaster in the fashion industry. When Hannah is not studying, she enjoys traveling, spending time in nature, doing yoga, shopping and spending time with friends and family. 

Hannah Iverson-Jones plans to engage the fashion industry on the West Coast

Hannah has always had an affinity for the fashion world and dreams of living on the West Coast. Growing up, she admired her cousin who is involved in the industry and worked as a model in Los Angeles.

“[My cousin] has always been an inspiration and role model for me as far as where I want to go with my life,” Hannah said. 

Coming to Iowa State University, Hannah knew she was interested in the fashion industry, but wasn’t sure what her career path would look like. When the apparel, merchandising, and design program was presented to her, merchandising caught her attention. 

“I didn't necessarily feel like I had the creativity for design aspects, so I went the merchandising route.” Hannah said. “ I'm definitely glad I went that route.”

Now a junior is apparel, merchandising, and design, Hannah's work experience and involvement in campus organizations have stirred even greater excitement in her. Hannah has been actively involved in TREND Magazine, her sorority, and has worked as a Common Threads Learning Community peer mentor. 

Hannah has also been a part of The Fashion Show, Iowa State’s student-run fashion show, for the majority of her college career. Her freshman year she served on the design committee and this year she is working as a director of gallery and display. 

“[The Fashion Show] is a very fast paced environment which I really like. I’m not really one to just want to sit around and sit on my laptop all day, and it’s very hands on as well so I like that aspect of it,” Hannah said. “I think it’s just a very rewarding experience, and the people that I worked with definitely had a huge influence on my experience as well.”

In addition to her campus involvement, Hannah worked as an assistant to a Nordstrom personal stylist near San Francisco the summer after her freshman year. She fell in love with California and moving to the coast became a goal of hers.

“I really liked the styling aspect of [the personal stylist job] so I would say another big goal of mine is to be able to acquire a job that allows me to have versatility in my day to day work,” Hannah said.