About us

Mission and vision

The mission of the Textiles and Clothing Museum is to promote the knowledge and appreciation of historic, social, and cultural practices related to textiles and clothing representing Iowa and regional world cultures, with an emphasis on visual and active learning.

The vision of the Textiles and Clothing Museum is to be the model of best practices for land-grant university collections. The museum is an asset to the apparel, merchandising, and design program and the Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management Department. It demonstrates the land-grant mission of Iowa State University: to create and extend knowledge about design, production, distribution, promotions, and use of textiles and apparel for local, national, and international communities in a global context.

Access for research

Due to COVID, we are currently not allowing access for research. Check back soon for this opportunity.

The museum offers public access to its collections and research activities. By appointment and under supervision, the collection is accessible to anyone with an interest in clothing and textiles.

Request to conduct research

About the collection

Day-to-day tasks happening in the collection

  • Accessioning new objects into the collection
  • Inventorying garments
  • Performing care and preservation tasks
  • Researching
  • Providing objects for classroom teaching and research requests

Donating artifacts

Donations to the collection are accepted if they meet the purpose of our mission and other criteria such as storage space needs. However, at this time due to COVID, we are not currently accepting donations.

Please contact tcmuseum@iastate.edu, for more information about the process of donating to the collection.

Student opportunities

Iowa State students can get involved with the Textiles and Clothing Museum through classes, internships, and honor projects. 

Classes which utilize the collection

  • AESHM 462 Black Lives Matter: Fashion, Liberation, and the Fight for Freedom
  • AMD 257: Museum studies
  • AMD 354: History of European and North American dress
  • AMD 356: History of Twentieth Century fashion
  • AMD 362: Cultural perspectives of dress
  • AMD 458/558 Queer Fashions, Styles, and Bodies
  • AMD 562 Fashion Studies, Culture, Industry, and Social Justice


Parking: Parking is available at the Commuter Lot next to the Iowa State Transit Hub just south of C.Y. Stephens Auditorium.

Visitors may park at the Commuter Lot without charge, and take the free CyRide Orange 23 to the Parks Library stop next to Morrill Hall. Covered parking is available for a fee at the Memorial Union parking ramp.