Tana – Bana (Warp and Weft)

ISU Tana-Bana Exhibit

September 8 – December 9, 2011

Co-curated by Sonali Diddi, Sunsett Reynolds, and Suzanne LeSar

Tana - Bana Exhibit, ISU Textiles and Clothing“Tana – Bana” translates to “warp and weft” in the Hindi language. This exhibit showcases the colors, weaves, and designs of traditional textiles from India. The garments and household textiles on display are a sampling of more than 200 objects collected over a period of 80 years by faculty, students, and friends of the Textiles and Clothing Program at Iowa State University.

Tana - Bana Exhibit, ISU Textiles and ClothingFrom coursework in “World Textiles” in the 1930s, to the ISU-Baroda exchange in the 1960s, to recent gifts from Indian students and visiting scholars, our collection has benefited from the research and design interests of many donors. These objects represent the weaving, dyeing, embroidery, and dress traditions of diverse regions of the Indian subcontinent.

Tana - Bana Exhibit, ISU Textiles and ClothingSome of the objects have been the subject of students’ independent study projects; some are featured regularly in our classrooms; while others have rarely been exhibited. We are pleased to have an opportunity to share them all with a wider audience.