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23 MacKay Hall  - (515) 294-3330


Finding the Tearoom within MacKay Hall

The Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom is the centerpiece of the ground floor of MacKay Hall. The main entrance is on the east side of the tearoom. Visitors may enter through any door of the building, and take any staircase or elevator down. Follow the main corridor until reaching room 23A.

Tearoom entrance

Directions to MacKay Hall

MacKay Hall is located on Osborn Drive on the ISU Campus. Visitors from out of town should take the Elwood Drive exit off of U.S. Highway 30. Follow Elwood drive past Jack Trice Stadium, Hilton Coliseum, Cy-Ride Headquarters, and other campus buildings. Coming from further away?  See the ISU maps web page at: http://www.fpm.iastate.edu/maps/admap.asp.

Map to MacKay Hall


Free parking is available at the ISU Transit Hub just south of C.Y. Stephens Auditorium. Take a northbound bus to reach the ISU campus. There is no charge to take this shuttle to and from campus. Get off the bus at the first stop beyond the Kildee-Bessey transfer point. MacKay Hall is across the street from this bus stop. If necessary, ask your friendly Cy-Ride driver for help in locating MacKay Hall.


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