Museum and collection technology

The Textiles and Clothing Museum uses new technologies to link theoretical knowledge with hands-on experiences. Visual literacy is as vital to students today as written and oral communication. Active learning through exhibitions, museum programs, and object-based activities in the classroom supports and enhances the learner’s experience, promoting creative thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. Within the museum are these facilities:

The collection numbers over 10,000 objects, including European, American, and ethnic objects dating from the late Roman period through the present day and is one of the largest university collections in the United States.

Danielson Conservation Lab: The Danielson Conservation Lab features specialized equipment such as a fume hood and elephant trunk venting system to assist in the proper care and conservation of textiles and garments.

Classroom: The museum also includes access to a state-of-the art technology classroom with a secure holding area for collections artifacts for use in history of dress and cultural perspective courses.

Collection management and research: A PastPerfect software database is used for collection management. Information entered in PastPerfect facilitates the use of garments for research and teaching purposes and allows for research opportunities for faculty, staff, and students.

Current project: With funding from Costume Society of America, a current project is the photographing and digitizing of 50 treasures from the Textiles and Clothing Museum.