Prophecy Financial and Business Planning Software

1212Prophecy Financial is an Excel-based software template for financial analysis and cash flow projection developed for classroom use by Mike Upah, Director of the Iowa State University Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Prophecy is also used as a business assistance tool by the SBDC consultants at Iowa State University when working with clients.

The apparel, events, and hospitality management (AESHM) department collaborates with the SBDC to provide instruction and resources for students enrolled in the Entrepreneurship in Human Sciences (AESHM 474-574) course and for students participating in small business consulting projects. Students use Prophecy software extensively when preparing financials for their major business plan projects.

Prophecy can be used to prepare comprehensive monthly cash flow projections from 12 months to five years ahead. It is also useful for general business planning, budget development, sales projections, staffing plans, and break-even analysis. Prophecy is useful for planning new businesses or when planning for growth or improvements in established businesses.