The Best Tops for Your Body


Not every cut is flattering for a girl, but with these handy tips, you won't have to worry about being a fashion disaster when you walk out the door.

Alumnus Profile


Kyle Madson applied what he learned at Iowa State University to his job in sourcing at Land's End.

Featured Bands


These up-and-coming local bands are hitting all the right notes. Meet the members of Plastic Apartment, The Anytime and Finding The Warren.

Trendy Little Music Star


Get the lead singer's attention with your rock star style.

Sunscreen Awareness


It's no secret that too much sun exposure can cause cancer, wrinkles and more. Find out what alternatives there are for achieving a healthier summer glow.

Unique & Trendy


Attention shoppers: two new Ames clothing stores are open for business! Whether you're looking for the latest styles or lightly-worn garments, these boutiques have what you're looking for.

Des Moines Dining Guide


Three occasions, three restaurants: these food hot spots will leave your mouth watering.

A Breakthrough in Body Scanning


With this technology, soon you'll be able to get custom-fit clothing based on body types, needs and preferences.



Times are tough, but that doesn't mean your wardrobe has to suffer. Check out these tips for looking fashionforward without breaking the bank.

Internship Spotlights


Seniors Allison Ledger and Willy Muse applied their education in the proffessional workplace.

Bridal Excytement


Love is in the air, and it's important to dress the part, too—just don't outshine the bride! Find out what trends are in this summer for proper wedding attire.

Top Summer Accessories


Check out all the must-have jewelry, shoes and headpieces for summer.

Student Designers


These six students didn't wait for opportunity to come knocking—they've already begun making names for themselves with their clothing and accessory lines.

From Beachwear to Nightwear


Check out the hottest cover-ups to wear to the beat this summer!

Fashion Show


The largest student-run fashion show in the nation is back with another year of jaw-dropping apparel, gorgeous models and a dark and a moody set design.

Bathing Suits for All Occasions


Figure out what to wear with your bikini when you're on the go.

Summer Color Trends


From magenta to bright yellow, it's all about bold colors this year.

What is She Wearing?


Sometimes being too fashion-forward can leave guys scratching their heads. Here they dish on what they wish girls would leave in their closets.

Get Shady


Frame your face with the right shades, whether your face is heart-shaped, oval, square or round.

TV Show Fashion


They're TV classics now, but at the time they were style inspiration for millions of people around the world. Check out Trend's updated take on The Brady Bunch, Charlie's Angels, Saved by the Bell and Friends.

YMA Scholarship Recipient


Senior Danielle Jo Sponder was one of four students who won the prestigious YMA Geoffrey Beene Scholarship.

Fashion Forecasting


Our models took to the high skies to bring a high fashion edge to the airport runway.

Packing Light


Ever bring too many clothes on a short vacation? Follow these easy tips for must-have travel apparel.

Trend Watchers @ VEISHEA


Trend sent its photographers around campus to find all the hottest fashionistas during the celebration of Iowa State University's six original colleges.

How To Dress For The Rain


Don't let a cloudy day rain on your parade. Check out these tips for staying stylish even when it's storming.

Summer Makeup


A new season means it's time to update your makeup. Learn about beauty tips that are all the rage this year.

One Outfit 5 Ways


Discover how to wear one classic dress five different ways for five different occasions.